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    The Original Game

    "Arcade Volleyball" is an old DOS game. It's supposed to be mocking a volleyball game, with two players separated by a net. Each player is actually drawn as a big jumping head (with an even bigger nose). The rules of the game resemble those of a set in an old volleyball game: only the serving player can score, and that's if he gets the ball to touch the opponent's ground, or if the opponents fails at sending the ball over the net within three touches. If the same is achieved by the receiving player, he gets the service. The game ends when one of the two players reaches 15 points, with at least a 2-point gap. The ball can bounce everywhere (but on the floor).

    The old game features CGA graphics in 4 colors (cyan, magenta, black white), at a resolution of 320x200 pixels. It ran very smoothly even on 8086 machines, and had no requirements whatsoever in terms of memory -- the executable itself was only about 40kb. The game modes where from 0 to 2 players, and a joystick could (in theory) be used. In theory, because the game did not seem up to support joysticks on newer machines.

    It is reported (found on some obscure websites) that the game was written by a company called 'Microforum', and was released in 1987 (therefore, it is not THAT old -- a bit 'retro' even at the time it came out).
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